Trading spirit is in your blood. Like any other entrepreneur, you are looking for opportunities in the market: problems of others which you can solve. Of course, this does not imply that you give away everything for free. There has to be paid!

Preparing a correct, clear invoice is not as easy as it may seem. Usually your customers are purchasing multiple products, services or packages. In addition to a fixed price, you may also charge variable costs. And what about the number of invoices you send monthly. Is it a few dozen or thousands of bills that have to be sent out at the same time? No matter how your invoicing process is structured, Qaleido delivers the perfect customized solution.

We have a lot of experience in building complex systems for the telecom industry and other businesses. Because of this we know how to combine data from different sources into one clearly structured and logical invoice. No matter how complex your process is and how much invoices you send, we make sure that all your customers get a clear invoice that is accurate up to the last penny.

Your customers will be grateful to you. From now on, they will receive a clear invoice on which they can rely. Always on schedule, complete and accurate. This will speed up the payment process and reduce the number of times your employees will be called upon to answer questions and complaints. Believe us. Excellent invoicing does a miracle for your cash flow and for the workplace atmosphere: pure profit for your company!

Would you like to raise your company’s invoicing process to a higher level? Please contact us at no obligation. We would like to make an appointment to see how we can help you with this.



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