You want to save costs and help your customers better? That is possible! More and more organisations are offering their customers the convenience of a personal on-line portal: a secure environment in which they can view their orders and invoices anytime, anywhere. Super handy, also for your company.

In the past, Qaleido has set up a customer portal for a large energy company with the following functionalities, among others:

  • Updating or downgrading of the subscription
  • Insight into the actual capacity used
  • Overview of orders and invoices
  • Possibility to report changes of address
  • Chatting with employees

The advantages of an on-line portal are great. Customers and employees can communicate with each other when it suits them. This eliminates lengthy telephone queues and makes it easier to distribute the workload between your employees. This will bring you all kinds of benefits: more time, positive energy and money.

The implementation of a customer portal involves a lot of work. It only works if the portal fits seamlessly into the specific processes in your company. The customer’s data must reach the right person. In addition, all parties must have the same information. Reliability, timeliness and completeness are of great importance.

In practice, Qaleido has often shown that it is capable of producing high-quality solutions that set you apart from the competitor. Are you interested? Let us know so we can advise you about the most suitable solution.



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