A solid foundation is essential to create a stable environment. You can come to us not only for managed hosting, but also for unmanaged hosting: renting ‘bare’ servers that you can set up and configure at your own discretion.

In 95% of all cases, these environments can be offered virtually. This will save you considerable costs. Replacing hardware is no longer an issue either.

Virtual servers offer a lot of advantages in terms of efficiency, flexibility and scalability: on one physical server, multiple virtual servers are running and are configured individually. A customer has access to a certain size of memory and disk space which he can use and distribute over multiple environments at his own discretion.

By using virtualisation techniques, scalability is no longer a problem. We can quickly increase or decrease capacity. To this end, we have set up a highly efficient process that is largely automated. The chance of errors is therefore practically nil.

The Qaleido infrastructure is primarily located in two data centres in Apeldoorn and Dronten and is connected to AMS-IX, NL-IX and ND-ix. In addition, Qaleido manages environments on both Amazon’s AWS platform and Microsoft’s Azure platform.

In addition to bare servers, Qaleido also delivers and manages network equipment (e. g. switches, routers and hardware firewalls) for your Cloud environment. This applies to both Cisco and open solutions based on Cumulus.

Qaleido bases the purchase for hosting on the basis of the Pay-As-You-Go model. With us, you can obtain a VDC and scale up and down resources such as disk space, CPU and RAM memory, whenever you need it. In addition to the standard SLA fees per machine for administration, you only pay for what you use. For each change you will give your approval and we will send you a new overview. With this you always know in advance what you are paying.

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