No matter how well your customization application is made, sooner or later, it’s outdated and it’s time for something new. It will not be a standard package. Whoever is accustomed to custommade applications, never wants anything else. At Qaleido we get that. For many years, we have been migrating legacy systems to flexible, future-proof software and know exactly what’s going on.
We start each migration process with a thorough analysis. For this we have developed our own systematics. This allows us to quickly map the existing situation and determine the desired solution direction. Some of the questions that are addressed include:

  • What functionality do you want to keep?
  • Where can the process be further optimized?
  • Is it wise to (partly) switch to the cloud?
  • What about environmental protection, user management and your data?
  • In which direction do you want to move your business in the future and how can we take it into account?

If we have inventoried everything we come up with a proposal for rebuilding. Based on this, we will determine the final solution direction and how we will realize it.

In order to ensure continuity of your service, we often choose for a phased transition in case of legacy migration. We deliver the new system into several modules that are gradually being put into service. This approach mitigates the technical risks of migration and gives your employees time to get used to the new system. There is no better guarantee for a successful implementation.

Do you have a customized system that has had its best days and need to be replaced? Then, please contact us. We would like to advise you on the ability to replace your legacy application safely and efficiently with a new customized solution that will help your organization get back on track.



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