ICT systems generate all kinds of information that can be logged, such as status codes and error messages. Proper logging is indispensable for tracking incidents and managing the environment efficiently. However, logging is often a neglected child. A pity, because a good logging can contribute a lot to the quality and stability of the environment.

Setting up a proper logging system is not easy. The storage of information from different systems and formats is particularly complex. The logged data must be stored in an unambiguous and structured way so that it is relatively easy for administrators to find the correct logging rules and interpret them. Fortunately, there is good tooling for this.

With our Logging As A Service (LAAS) solution, you can centrally record the logging of all your servers, virtual machines, appliances and network equipment. From now on, you will be able to perform your analyses or set triggers at a single central location. For example, think of sending wrong logins on one of your servers or critical errors that should be known directly to you or your technicians.

Qaleido operates a Central Logging System (CLS) that allows a consistent and clear log of your complete environment. The CLS contains the following features

  • Collecting the logs in a single database
  • Storage and if necessary clean up logs
  • Analysis tool for logging, both real-time and in bulk afterwards
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly search tool
  • Clear reporting tool

The CLS of Qaleido is set up in such a generic way that it can handle almost any type of log. It only requires that a clear pattern can be defined such as date, time and message. Various templates are available for this purpose.

You can also set triggers. If you want to be kept informed of special events (e. g. “5 wrong logins within 10 minutes”), you can easily configure to receive a notification by mail, text message or chat message.

Obviously, all information is sent to the CLS via SSL/TLS so that the information is not available for unauthorised persons.

The CLS is very flexible. We can configure it in the form of a simple single-server solution, but also as a complete loadbalanced environment. Based on the amount of log data you hold and the speed at which it changes, we advise you on the best solution. Next, we’ll determine in consultation with you how your CLS will look like.

Of course, we have also considered security. This way, we can block the administrator permissions in the CLS so you can always be able to prove exactly what happened to your data for your own certification and security requirements.

Are you convinced of the importance of proper logging, but you do not have the knowledge or time to arrange this properly? We will be happy to help you! Please feel free to contact us.



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