Due to the lack of well-trained IT staff and to save costs, more and more companies choose to outsource work to a foreign party. If you also want to start offshoring, it’s wise to think carefully about how you do it.

Because we understand that offshore outsourcing is a big step, you can also choose an intermediate solution. Qaleido has its own subsidiary in Romania, to which you can entrust your work with peace of mind. The offshore team consists of well-trained IT professionals who are used to the Dutch way of working. Our head office employees in the Netherlands have daily contact with their Romanian colleagues. The two teams know each other thoroughly and reinforce each other.

If you choose to submit IT work to our offshore team, Qaleido will control this from the Netherlands. The advantage of this is that you do not need to maintain contact with our offshore team yourself.

Are you interested in our offshore services or do you want to know what it means for your company? We like to think along with you! Get in touch! We would like to come along with you to discuss the possibilities.



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