Business partners are sometimes just like customers. They seek attention, they need help, and from time to time some encouragement. If you support them adequately, they will achieve the best results for you.

In order to work in optimal cooperation with your partners, a dedicated portal is the perfect solution: a secure, private environment with relevant information and the possibility to share information and/or to do transactions. No partner is the same. Each organisation has its own focus and needs. That is why it is important to set up the portal in such a way that each partner gets the information they need. Consider the following:

  • Products, prices and rates
  • Manuals, conditions and instructions
  • Ongoing orders, progress and delivery times
  • Established agreements, leads and recommendations
  • Invoices and payments

Having the right information in the right place helps your partners and vice versa!

At first sight, a portal usually looks simple. Technically speaking, they are usually quite complex. To create a successful portal, it must be precisely tailored to the business processes and well integrated with the back-end. This requires thorough knowledge of web interfaces, APIs, the cloud, etc…. and an ICT partner with insightful business skills. Therefore, Qaleido! We have a lot of experience with this kind of workflow and know exactly what it takes.

Do you like to get more out of the collaboration between you and your partners and are you interested in the opportunities a partner portal offers? Call or email us. We will be pleased to tell you more about it.



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