Optimal work processes, more productivity and higher efficiency. It can only be done by making smart use of all the resources you have at your disposal. Do you know exactly where your precious time and money is spent, what kind of work remains to be done and where the bottlenecks lie?

Qaleido creates custom software that gives you more control over your business processes. This helps you to set the right priorities and makes sure your business runs smoothly. A standard package never fully matches your business processes, but is based on the highest common denominator. If you have developed a specific service or business model and do not want to be restricted by existing software, customization is a better option.

We have years of experience in making smart tailor-made Resource Management solutions. For a large network administrator, we built an all-inclusive system that supports the logistics process from A to Z. Some of the functions are:

  • Registration of incoming orders
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to different suppliers
  • Planning of the work
  • Overview of the existing connections
  • Links with the BSS and the underlying financial systems

Qaleido has already produced tailor-made solutions for dozens of companies. So we are not starting from scratch. With every new application we create, we start from a solid base. We have developed a number of standard components (authorisation, screens, business logic, workflows, etc.) that we can easily adapt to your situation. Only the specific parts of the new software are developed from scratch. Of course we’re dealing with that as smartly as possible!

The big advantage of a customized solution is that you don’t have to adapt your business processes to the software. You decide for yourself what your process will look like. We make sure that you get the software that suits you.

Are you interested in a tailor-made solution, but don’t you have the knowledge and/or resources in-house? Qaleido is ready for you. Call us or mail us if you have any questions or want to make an appointment.



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