Whether you work in the Cloud via a VPN connection or locally, security is always paramount. With our Access As A Service (AcAAS) solution, you have a secure data connection. We entirely shield your environment from the world outside and ensure that it is only accessible to authorized users or authorised IT components.

Establishing secure access to the environment is a complex matter. At Qaleido we have a lot of experience in arranging Identification as Authentication. Some of our best practices:

  • Identification

Everything and everyone who needs access to your environment is registered in our Identity system. These may include systems such as firewalls / VPN equipment at your office and, of course, also the users who connect via a PC or laptop.
Within the identity environment, it is determined who and which systems have access to which part of your cloud environment. Obviously, access is limited to the systems or components for which authorisation has been granted.

  • Authentication

For access to your environment, we use two factor authentication by default. This means that you log in in two steps: First enter your username/password combination. Next, you will receive a temporary code via a mobile app. Only after entering this code will you gain access to the environment.
This way of working makes it very difficult to log in with someone else’s account. Besides a correct username/password combination, this requires a code that is sent to the smartphone of the registered user.

Especially when working in the cloud, a secure connection is never self-evident. We advise you about the best solution and we take full control of it so you can work anywhere via your VPN. If desired, we can offer VPN access to multiple data centres managed from a single central identity environment.

Not only do we ensure that only authorised users can log in to your environment, we also monitor all traffic for undesirable or unexpected events. For example, if someone tries to log in incorrectly more than 3 times, we will report this. In this way, we can deal with malicious people directly and keep your network safe for unauthorized persons.

If you would like to know more about Access As A Service and what it can do for you, please contact us. Proper access management is the starting point of a secure network. We will be happy to spend time explaining everything!



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