Whatever you produce or deliver, orders and orders from your customers are as fuel for your business. That is why your order process must run smoothly: fast, safe and efficient.

More and more customers order products and services online. They want to be able to place their orders easily and without hassle. If it takes too much time to place their order, they quickly unhook them again and find an alternative. Too bad!

Qaleido ensures that your customers stay connected. With smart, intuitive websites that help your customers get the job done.

However, the ordering process does not stop with placing an order. It is only the beginning of the journey. Of course, we can also provide additional modules to support the entire sales process.

  • To give just a few examples of software that we have developed for customers before:
  • Offline registration of orders
  • Dynamic product catalogue
  • Automation of the tender process
  • Reporting of open orders
  • Complaint management
  • Logistics software for stock management
  • Module for billing and invoicing
  • Web ordering

In principle, we can automate the entire process from A to Z. However, we always start from the existing situation and your specific needs. If you already have a stock system that suits your needs, we can integrate it with your order system. Fast and effective!

We are always looking for a pragmatic solution that fits in with all aspects of your company’s needs. In terms of technology, look-and-feel, flexibility, manageability, connections with underlying systems etc.

Do you want to know what Qaleido can contribute to the success of your company? Then contact us! We would like to discuss with you what our solutions can do for you.



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