Some databases are excellent in transaction processing, others in big data or creating extensive reports. It is very expensive for a company to purchase and manage multiple databases. With Database As a Service, you can switch to the database that suits your objectives: secure, fast and efficient.

Qaleido takes care of the installation and management of your databases. We make sure that your system is always available and technologically up-to-date. You are solely responsible for the contents of your database, we do the rest.

We supply DbAAS for the following database systems:

  • MariaDB / MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

Depending on your budget and the required performance, we can deliver both Virtual as well as Dedicated. Various configurations are possible:

  • Single server
  • Master > Standby (in the same data center)
  • Clustering, for scalable solutions
  • Master > Casc. Standby > Standby (Multiple data center)

The databases are continuously monitored for availability, data consumption and performance. If necessary, we can quickly scale up or scale down capacity. Of course, we check the quality of your backups on a daily basis. We can also configure tailor-made monitoring, for example to check your most critical data.

We will discuss with you beforehand what needs to be done in the event of calamities. What is the maximum time allowed for the database to be unavailable and how much data are you willing to lose? For some companies, it will be sufficient to make a daily backup on which they can fall back. For other companies, it may be a necessity to store all data twice so that it is always possible to switch to a second database. Based on your requirements and your budget, we determine the best solution for your company.

Are you thinking about outsourcing the management of your database? Let us know. We would like to think along with you about a good solution!



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