The management of your ICT infrastructure is a specialized and labour-intensive task. Not every company has the knowledge and/or capacity to take on this task.

If you prefer to leave the management of your environment to an expert, we would be happy to do so for you. Qaleido ensures that you get a reliable and flexible ICT environment that fits exactly to your needs. A platform-to-measure solution that allows your business-critical applications to run smoothly: secure, fast and stable.

An additional advantage is that you no longer have to invest in expensive servers yourself. We make sure that you always have sufficient capacity. You can easily switch on or off and only pay for what you really need.

Qaleido’s Managed Hosting services cover the entire spectrum from implementation to management of your ICT environment:

  • Installation of servers, virtualization layers and networks.
  • The possibility of migrating data from your current platform to the new platform.
  • Real-time monitoring so you always have insight into data consumption and performance. You can see this on our online portal
  • Perform patches to ensure that your software is always up-to-date and secure.
  • Resolving any malfunctions and implementing changes notified by you or your software supplier.

In order to detect or rather prevent malfunctions as quickly as possible, we monitor your environment 24×7. As soon as something goes wrong, alarm bells go off and our engineers take action to solve the problem. We automatically monitor the environment completely on at least the following aspects:

  • The availability of your server (s) and associated network.
  • The availability of the applications running in your environment.
  • Check important configurations such as database access, time and disk space.
  • The load such as CPU and memory usage.

In addition, we also arrange that there is always a valid backup available so that in case of emergency the damage is repaired as quickly as possible. Back ups come in all shapes and sizes: daily or weekly, full or incremental, in the cloud or locally stored. Together with you, we’ll find out what is the best solution for your company so that you can be sure that you’re back up and running in no time. Of course, we will also test together with you to see if the backup works as it should.

Qaleido can also support in building or managing software. If you are facing a technical challenge that you don’t have an instant answer to, our team is available to think along and possibly even dive into the code. After all, everything in ICT is connected: the data storage, the application server, the software and the network that interconnects everything. The best result is achieved when all components are matched together.

For each server, you can opt for 8×5 SLA or 24×7 SLA management. Within the SLA time frame we always respond within one hour, but usually within 15 minutes. Solving a failure is always included in the SLA price.

Are you looking for a reliable party that can set up and manage a complete platform for you, fully tailored to your needs? Then contact us! We have a wealth of experience in providing managed hosting services and ensure that you and your employees no longer have to worry about the technology and can focus on your core business.



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