At Qaleido we have a sharp eye for information security. We do all we do to ensure that confidential data, strategic information or personal data never get into the wrong hands. Security is always at the core of our business.

We have been ISO 27001 certified for many years and are also compliant with NEN7510 standards. We are proud of that too! Not all companies in the field of software development and hosting can say this for themselves!

When setting up and managing a safe environment, so many aspects are involved that it is impossible to mention them all. This is why we restrict ourselves here to listing a few techniques in which we are particularly skilled:

  • Encryption / TLS

We always recommend encrypting information and transmitting only over secure connections. There are different ways of encrypting data: symmetrical, asymmetric and hashing. All forms have their pros and cons. We will be happy to advise you on which encryption techniques and standards are most suitable for you.

  • The whitelisting principle

A proper way to stop cybercriminals is to use whitelisting. Only pre-approved IP addresses are allowed to access the server. For the rest of the world, your environment is then entirely sealed.

  • Two factor authentication

When users log in, they also receive a temporary code via the mobile app in addition to their username and password, an additional check to keep unwelcome visitors out of the door!

Are you looking for a solid, reliable ICT partner with whom the security of your ICT environment is in good hands? Our standards and certifications make us the perfect company! Perhaps you have been imposed a standard from the authorities? We know exactly how to implement this and can kick-start you on your way to realization of a fully compliant ICT system.

Interested? Call or email us for an appointment. We like to take on the challenge of making your environment as safe as possible!



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